Corporation Info

Corporation Name:Shenzhen APP Technology Co., Ltd
English Name:Shenzhen APP Technology
Business Hours:09:00-17:00
Person in Charge:Howard Hsu


Shenzhen APP Technology Co., Ltd provide OEM and ODM businesses to let you customize the product based on your unique marketing requirement. The product quality we offer possess of professional techniques and high technology, definitely, the quality is no doubt superior. Most importantly, our service is customer orientation - efficient and effective way for our customer, you will surprise at our best endeavor at all time to meet your requirements, and how efficient we process your order and delivery, either big or small order. Once being a partner, being a partner forever.

services: SPEAKER,Tablet PC, MP3/MP4 player,Headset,Power Bank,Charger

Shipping & Payment

Service Zone:North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, Others, Nationwide